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PokemonTrader:// AUTUMN SALES~ these are sales I would "fall" for!


- I was granted sales permission by entirelycliched on February 13th 2012. Old Feedback // New Feedback

- I ship internationally from Canada.
- Shipping Rates for boxes starts at $10.
- Shipping Rates for bubblemailers starts at $3.00 (Canada), $4.00 (USA), $6.50 (International).
- Shipping Rates for lettermail starts at $0.85 (Canada), $1.20 (USA), $2.50 (International) - only card singles (up to 6 cards).

- If you need tracking, that can be arranged.
- I am not responsible for any lost packages once they leave my possession.

- Payment will be via paypal goods.
- I will not be accepting paypal gift, concealed cash, e-cheques etc. I'd rather us both protected in case something goes awry.

- A quote does not count as a placeholder.
- Priority goes to the first committed claim.
- I assume that if you do not reply within 24 hours you are no longer interested. Sorry for any inconvenience.

- There might be some edgeware, dirt, scratches, scuffs, etc. on some of the cards in this sales post. I try my best to price accordingly, but please if you are after gem mint cards, state so. I take no responsibility if you did not read this rule and are upset by "not gem mint" cards. All these cards look great in sleeves or binder pages. If they are damaged, they still look great in sleeves/pages.

- If you have any further questions, please ask! PLEASE FEEL FREE TO HAGGLE <3


Milk-Au Lait Eeveelutions - $15 each
Avail: Espeon, Vaporeon, Umbreon, Espeon

Halloween 2018 Plush (Jpn Release) - $35/pair, $20 each.
Avail: 1x Pikachu, 1x Mimikyu

Random Pikachu Plushies - $30/pair, $17.50/each.
Avail: 1x "Hawaiian", 1x "Raincoat"

Random Promos - $10

Random Chinese Legend Maker Holos - $25

TCG Supplies - Deckbox $15, Sleeves $40/all or $15 each.
Avail: Nashville Deckbox, Elesa Sleeves, Skyla Sleeves, San Fransisco Sleeves

Worlds 2019 Merchandise:
x1 - Brown Playmat - $40
x1 - Worlds Playmat - $40
x2 - Brown Sleeves - $15/each
x2 - Worlds Art Sleeves - $15
x1 - Dice/Coin Set - $40
x1 - Screen Cleaner - $5
x1 - 4 Foreign Champion's Festival Cards - $15
x1 - Champion's Festival Online Code (Will be PMed not mailed!) - $10

Oricorio Pokedoll Set - $50 (2 Avail)

Japanese Pokedolls - $15 each
2x Midnight Lycanroc, 1x Dawn Lycanroc, 2x Zeraora Avail

TTO Pokedolls Lot - $40
(Or if you want individual plush, Delphox is $15, Panpour, Pansage, Pansear and Espurr $10 each)

Japanese Pokedolls (Zeraora + Psyduck) - $15 each
English Pokedolls (Latias + Latios) $40/set or $25 each.

Random Mascot Plush - $10 each
x2 Scolipede, x1 Okinawa, x1 Female Sailorchu, x1 Male Sailorchu Avail.

Halloween 2018 Dedenne Mascots - $10 each (2 avail)

x1 Collector Stamped Charizard $175

PokemonTrader:// Back from Japan Sales!

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PokemonTrader:// Japanese Card Emporium - On Holidays Until October 1st!

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